Sphinx Ranking Mode(排序模式)

Ranking overview(概览)

Ranking (aka weighting) of the search results can be defined as a process of computing a so-called relevance (aka weight) for every given matched document with regards to a given query that matched it. So relevance is in the end just a number attached to every document that estimates how relevant the document is to the query. Search results can then be sorted based on this number and/or some additional parameters, so that the most sought after results would come up higher on the results page.

排序(又名加权),是基于请求匹配到的结果,计算所谓的相关性(又名权重)的一个程序。 相关性是请求结束后被附加在文档结果中的一个估算出来的数值,表示匹配的文档于请求的关键词相关的程度,然后搜索的结果就能基于这个数值和其他的一些附加的参数进行排序,这样大多数相关的结果就能排在前面。